May 24, 2023

Health data reuse: an overview of technological and legal scenarios

EU-funded projects will meet in a virtual table to discuss possible solutions (19th June, 9am-4:30pm CEST)

To tackle the urgent quest of finding legal and technical solutions to enable and boost personal and health data reuse, the DataTools4Heart partners Lynkeus and PANETTA have organised and will moderate the online EU-funded projects roundtable Privacy and technological scenarios on reuse of health data (19th June, 9am-4:30pm CEST), where the current constraints slowing down, or even preventing the scientific progress in medical and clinical areas will be discussed and analysed.

As reported by TEHDAS: Different Member States have different infrastructures, governance models, data hosts/ownership and health data stewardships which are all part of a legislative and regulatory framework (Deliverable 5.2, Recommendations for European countries when planning national legislation on secondary use of health data, 1st March 2023). From a regulatory perspective, EU laws (e.g., GDPR, Data Governance Act, Medical Device Regulation) and the current proposals under negotiation (above all, European Health Data Space, Data Act, AI Act) have a strong impact on national laws and safeguards, making data sharing for secondary use challenging for most countries. This is why, to harmonise and simplify accessing procedures for health data sources connection among Member States, the 2020 European Strategy for data triggered the EU Commission’s plans for all European data spaces, starting from the European Health Data Space, to create an EU infrastructure for cross-border secondary health data sharing and use.

During the seminar, among others, the EU Directorate General for Research and Innovation, the DG for Health and Food Safety, the DG for Communications Networks, together with BBMRI-ERIC, will debate on how the European Union can become a global leader in data-driven knowledge discovery via a safe, privacy-enhancing, and ethical reuse of personal data, to foster scientific and clinical research across Member States.


FIRST SESSION: 9.00 – 10.45

9.05 (Welcome) PANETTA Law Firm/LYNKEUS Lorenzo Cristofaro – Edwin Morley-Fletcher
9.15 EU Commission Jana Makedonska
EU Commission Christina Kyriakopoulou
9.30 DT4H Polyxeni Gkontra
9.40 (15 min + Q&A) BBMRI-ERIC Ilaria Colussi
10.00 (10 min + Q&A) REALM Gokhan Ertaylan
10.15 (10 min + Q&A) PANETTA Law Firm Lorenzo Cristofaro
10.30 (10 min + Q&A) OncoValue Jochem de Boer
10.45 (10 min + Q&A) EUCAIM / Chaimeleon Ricard Martinez

COFFEE BREAK: 10.45 – 11.00

SECOND SESSION: 11.00 – 12.00

11:00 (10 min + Q&A) unCoVer José L. Peñalvo
11:15 (10 min + Q&A) Aidava Isabelle de Zegher
11.30 (10 min + Q&A) eCREAM Giulia Ghilardi
11.45 (10 min + Q&A) Real4Reg Christoph Röthlein
12.00 (10 min + Q&A) RES-Q+ Catalina Martinez Costa
12.15 (10 min + Q&A) SIMCor Jan Brüning

LUNCH BREAK: 12.30 – 14.00

THIRD SESSION: 14.00 – 16.00

14.00 (10 min + Q&A) RETENTION Christina Nanou
14.15 (10 min + Q&A) RE-SAMPLE Christos Kalloniatis
14.30 (10 min + Q&A) eMOTIONAL Cities Antonio Cerciello
14.45 SURVEY PRESENTATION Claudio Capelli


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